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World’s best doorway exercise equipment.


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Eleviia the core of Duonamic

Eleviia is the first true, portable, doorway exercise equipment that is built with versatility in mind. The options are anything but limited with different attachments for different exercises, including climbing and gymnastics.

Powrholds the ultimate grip trainer

Powrholds are a revolutionary grip strength trainer developed by climbers for climbers. When paired with the Eleviia, they are the most transportable finger trainer for climbers on the market.

Rings world's first portable ring system

Duonamic rings are the perfect companion for Eleviia. The combination of the 2 products creates the world’s first Portable Rings work out system that allows you to do ring pull ups, push ups, dips, rows, and even muscle ups plus much much more.

Ashtaerial Yoga Package

Asthaerial Yoga system combined with Eleviia is perfect for stretching and attempting your favorite yoga moves.


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