Eleviia rope set

Pair of 90cm ropes (standard length) for Eleviia. If you want a different length, indicate the length you want in the customer note when checking out. You can choose up to 200cm length ropes with quantity 1 in your cart, up to 400cm length with quantity 2, etc. Due to the way they are attached to the handle, the distance from Eleviia to the handle is less than a quarter of the rope length. If you’re not sure, buy extra long and cut them to the desired length.

USD $10.00

Additional information

Weight 0.025 kg

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Eleviia: the core of Duonamic

Aerospace Composite

Eleviia is made of aerospace composite material with high strength and high stiffness while keeping the weight down.


Eleviias contains the CLAMP SAFE feature which utilizes a spiral spring to keep Eleviia safely secured onto the door trim.

Ease of use

Eleviia comes completely assembled out of the box, and installation takes 7.92 seconds (yes, we timed it).


Eleviia’s carefully optimized design fits in a bag that’s just 25cm × 23cm × 11cm, and weighs 1.6kg, so you can take it anywhere.



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