Eleviia travel package

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The Eleviia travel package consists of a pair of door clamps with handles, plus a carrying bag. Maximum user weight: 250lb (113kg)

Please measure your door and check with the diagram to make sure Eleviia is compatible before purchasing.

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Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 12 cm

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What is Eleviia?

Eleviia is the first true, portable, doorway exercise equipment that is built with versatility in mind. The options are anything but limited with different attachments for different exercises, including climbing and gymnastics. This system is carry-on friendly and very easy to both install and use. It is meticulously engineered through FEA and prototypes and is manufactured to the highest standards. Eleviia is a favorite training tool, loved by American Ninja warriors, climbers and fitness enthusiasts.

Eleviia Expanded

Eleviia – The Core of Duonamic

Eleviia is made up of 20 custom designed components. Even the screws that are used to secure the end caps are custom made for Duonamic!

All  components are manufactured to the tightest tolerance to make sure Eleviia fits perfectly together.

The combination of custom engineered components and high precision manufacturing gives Eleviia is an unique look and feel.

Key Features


Eleviia’s carefully optimized design fits in a bag that’s just 25cm × 23cm × 11cm, and weighs 1.6kg, so you can take it anywhere.


Ease of use

Eleviia comes completely assembled out of the box and can be installed in under 8 seconds. The CLAMP SAFE feature utilizes a spiral spring to keep it safely secured onto the door trim.


The rope connection offers an extra degree of freedom so you can position your wrist and elbow in the most comfortable position during your workout.

Aerospace Composite

Eleviia is made of aerospace composite material with high strength and high stiffness while keeping the weight down.

Putting Eleviia To The Test

Eleviia Spring Tester

This mechanism tests the long-term spring performance of Eleviia by repeatedly opening and closing the clamp. After testing with a full load for more than 40,000 cycles, the spring still functions effectively.


Eleviia Fatigue Tester

This device tests the long-term performance of Eleviia. For over 15,000 repetitions, a full load is mechanically applied via stepper motor and weight. Even after rigorous testing, the system is solid and is ready to support its next athlete.


Eleviia Reviews

17 reviews for Eleviia travel package

  1. Jason Harlton (verified owner)

    Amazing pull-up handles!

    Getting back on track with my fitness meant putting together a small home gym in my house.

    Not having space for a full rack, and well aware of the damage those “other” types of bars can do, I was looking for something better.

    Eleviia does not disappoint.

    I can once again incorporate hangs, pull-ups, L-sits, and more into my CrossFit programming no matter where I train.

    Also, the quality of construction is undeniable.

    I love these, and I look forward to adding the powrholds to my collection in the future!

  2. Mohammed Mia

    The best purchase I have made in regards to pull up equipment. I thoroughly searched high and low for pull up contraption and these handles are incredible. Personally I have had the standard bar in my previous home which unfortunately was drilled in, I then invested in the bar that hangs on the top of the frame and rests on the sides of the frame which eventually damaged the frame and then I even had the free standing pull up stand which took 15 minutes to assemble/dissemble and was still too big and not sturdy enough. The advantages of this is the fact that it is amazing quality, leaves no damages at all to the frame, is so simple to put up and so compact to hide away when you have guests. I understand one of the main advantages of this is to be able to travel with it and I hope to try that out soon but the simple fact of being able to put it away once your done and it not leaving any damages to your door frame or look unsightly when you have guests is a huge bonus.

    • jyang

      Mohammed, We are so glad Eleviia is able to help you work out during these tough times. We also like the fact that Eleviia can fit into any drawer so it’s easy store for people that live in condos or just don’t want to deal with a big steel structure.

      Thank you so much for supporting Duonamic!


  3. Nicolas Arguello

    Love this pull up bar.Excellent quality, thanks for the delivery with DHL in the US. It made a big difference since unfortunately, UPS did not work very well for the first time (IT was not your fault). Thanks

    • jyang

      Nicolas, I agree UPS wasn’t able to handle the package properly! But we are happy that we were able to correct that with DHL!
      Thanks for the compliments! So glad you are enjoying Eleviia!

      Thanks for your support!


  4. Jamie (verified owner)

    I want to thank Jack for taking the time to arrange another delivery for me when my first order got lost in the early days of covid-19 chaos.

    I am very pleased with the product. The design is ingenious. They are portable, sturdy, and intuitive to use.

    One of my frustrations with traditional door-fitted pull-up bars is that can’t fit doors at a corner because the wall is in the way. This is not a problem with Eleviia. It also more gentle on the walls and door frame.

    I can’t wait to bring it along on my travels in the future.

    • jyang

      No problem Jamie! We are here to support our customers.

      I am so happy that Eleviia is helping you train at home. And it looks like on the road as well in the future.

      Thanks for your support.


  5. S W (verified owner)

    Outstanding! Works exactly as shown, and the customer service team is also phenomenal! Easy to set up, easy to use, easy to take down, and easy to travel with. Does not leave any marks on the door frame. Thoroughly enjoying this and glad to be able to continue to exercise anywhere!

  6. David (verified owner)

    Hi from France !!

    I’ve decided to buy from across the Atlantic and I don’t regret at all. Great product, really stays in place when used. Do not leave a mark on the doors.

    Well, would buy again 🙂

    I can now throw aways the old pull-up bar that I have !

    • jyang

      Hi David,
      Taras and I want to thank you for your support 🙂 We are so glad Eleviia is working out for you. Could you take a picture for us? Would love to see how Eleviia looks on the door trims in France.


  7. Dylan Mayasich

    Absolutely love the product and service that comes with it. My handle broke and I received an instant response and a quick resolution to the problem. They sent me a new handle and now I can get back to training.

  8. Henry Chung

    Love my Eleviia portable pullup bars! When I first unboxed it, I was truly amazed at the design, quality and construction. My old pullup bar took up too much space and wasn’t portable, but now that I have the Eleviia I’m ready to jet off anywhere with them in my carry-on luggage and get a quick workout in no matter where I travel. Great product and would recommend!

    • jyang

      Glad you are enjoying Eleviia! We are so happy that Eleviia is keeping you in shape on your travels.


  9. Tremayne Dortch

    Love Eleviia!!!
    Easy to set up & take down & doesn’t take up a bunch of space my other 2 Pull bars. I can easily work my back levers with worrying that the handles will fall off and me busting my face. All in all a great product that I’m glad I can take with me anywhere!?

  10. Tremayne Dortch

    Love Eleviia!!!
    Easy to set up & take down & doesn’t take up a bunch of space my other 2 Pull bars. I can easily work my back levers with worrying that the handles will fall off and me busting my face. All in all a great product that I’m glad I can take with me anywhere!?

  11. M.J

    As someone who’s always on the road and who loves training and rock climbing, Eleviia is super useful. It works with almost all door frames in hotels or Airbnbs and is very durable and light weight. I also love that I can put my climbing holds on the handles and train my grip strength. So glad to have a great product like this!

    • jyang

      Thanks for the Amazing review MJ! We are so Eleviia is helping you to process on your climbing journey.
      Climb ON 🙂


  12. Scott Behrends

    Not just for the travelers! These pullup handles go up so easy and are so strong it’s seriously mind-blowing. I had my doubts at first. Truly rethinking the doorway pullup station and getting it right & using materials that will last! We run a social media account called Backyard Ninja Kids and we’ve even hooked different grips like cannonballs or nunchucks to the carabiner. Highly recommend this product!

    • jyang

      Scott, it was so cool to see you guys change Eleviia’s standard handles to cannonball and nunchucks grips. We designed the handles to be interchangeable so the user can use different types of holds for different type of training.


  13. Masa

    I love Eleviia! I very much frequently travel for work, and I have been looking for a door frame pull-up gear for a long time since a lot of hotels where I stayed had no pull-up bars at their gyms!
    There are a lot of door frame pull-up bars available online, but all they are too big for my luggage!
    Eleviia is really compact and leterally “portable”! I highly recommend Eleviia for pull-up people who always travel and look for pull-up bars!

    • jyang

      Masa, Thanks for you support! We are truly proud to say that you are the first customer from Japan. And we are so glad Eleviia is helping you stay fit on the road.


  14. David Kim-MacKinnon

    Honestly, the Eleviia pull up handles change the workout game completely! I no longer have to worry about having a gym at the condo/hotel when I am travelling because there are so many exercises I can do with them, and they are so compact they take up literally a corner of your luggage! I am a personal trainer, and I highly recommend this product to all of my clients! They love it because it doesn’t mark up or damage the door frame and they can fit almost every door frame.if your looking to increase your upper body strength in the most convenient way, I would definitely grab a pair!

    • jyang

      Thanks for the review David! We really appreciate you recommending Eleviia to your customers.
      Love to see those weighted pull ups again 🙂


  15. Dan (verified owner)

    Love the Eleviia handles. I’ve owned several doorway systems over the years and these are by far the best! There is just no comparision to quality, ease of use, and how much more gentle it is to your door frames. I’ve owned two of the expensive freestanding pullup bar systems as well and I prefer my Eleviia to the one I currently have. The independent grips allow my hands and arms to move more freely (easier on my elbows) without having to hang rings or suspension trainers off of my freestanding unit. Definitely a must have for the pullup enthusiast or people just getting their hangs in for shoulder health. Well worth the money.

    • jyang

      Thanks for the detailed review Dan! The extra degree of motion is definitely easier on the wrist, elbow, and shoulders.
      We really appreciate your support.


  16. Dawn

    Eleviia is the answer to getting my pullups in when i travel, and really anytime! I am somewhat technically challenged but they are so easy to hang in a doorway and are sturdy and secure. I’ve even taken them to work for a pullup challenge. Definately user friendly and worth the price. I’ve purchased several fitness type gadgets which i never used but not the case with this product.

    • jyang

      Dawn, We are so glad to hear you are using Eleviia at work! Gotta utilize those downtime between meetings 🙂


  17. Erv Pili

    Absolutely love mine. I take it with me whenever I travel to get those reps in. It’s sturdy, secure, built with high quality, light weight and easily fits in my backpack!

    • jyang

      Glad to hear that you are traveling with Eleviia Erv! That was one of the main drivers for coming up with this product.


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