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Eleviia comes completely assembled out of the box and doorframe installation takes just 7.92 seconds (yes, we timed it).

Portable and lightweight at just 3.5 pounds (1.6 kilos) you can easily pack our doorway pullup bar and bring it with you on trips or even the office.

The specialized spiral spring keeps the Eleviia safely secured on your doorway.

Made with aerospace composite material ensures the Eleviia has incredible strength and stiffness, while staying lightweight and portable.

The Eleviia is coated with a soft, non-marking thermoplastic so it won’t damage your doorway or walls.

Please measure your door and check with the diagram to make sure Eleviia is compatible before purchasing.

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Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 12 cm

In stock (can be backordered)

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What is Eleviia?

Eleviia is the first true, portable, doorway exercise equipment that is built with versatility in mind. The options are anything but limited with different attachments for different exercises, including climbing and gymnastics. This system is carry-on friendly and very easy to both install and use. It is meticulously engineered through FEA and prototypes and is manufactured to the highest standards. Eleviia is a favorite training tool, loved by American Ninja warriors, climbers and fitness enthusiasts.

Eleviia Expanded

Eleviia – The Core of Duonamic

Eleviia is made up of 20 custom designed components. Even the screws that are used to secure the end caps are custom made for Duonamic!

All  components are manufactured to the tightest tolerance to make sure Eleviia fits perfectly together.

The combination of custom engineered components and high precision manufacturing gives Eleviia is an unique look and feel.

Key Features


Eleviia’s carefully optimized design fits in a bag that’s just 25cm × 23cm × 11cm, and weighs 1.6kg, so you can take it anywhere.


Ease of use

Eleviia comes completely assembled out of the box and can be installed in under 8 seconds. The CLAMP SAFE feature utilizes a spiral spring to keep it safely secured onto the door trim.


The rope connection offers an extra degree of freedom so you can position your wrist and elbow in the most comfortable position during your workout.

Aerospace Composite

Eleviia is made of aerospace composite material with high strength and high stiffness while keeping the weight down.

Putting Eleviia To The Test

Eleviia Spring Tester

This mechanism tests the long-term spring performance of Eleviia by repeatedly opening and closing the clamp. After testing with a full load for more than 40,000 cycles, the spring still functions effectively.


Eleviia Fatigue Tester

This device tests the long-term performance of Eleviia. For over 15,000 repetitions, a full load is mechanically applied via stepper motor and weight. Even after rigorous testing, the system is solid and is ready to support its next athlete.


Eleviia Reviews

17 reviews for Eleviia

  1. Emma Cook-Clarke

    This is my favourite piece of home gym equipment! They are extremely quick to put up and take down, light and compact for travelling, and highly versatile in how they can be used. Excited to have these for many years to come!

  2. Konstantin

    Let me start with the comment that this is without any doubt a high-quality product. Materials feel super sturdy, the concept is ingenious, the workmanship is precise — for the first time in many years I have the feeling that my money bought me actual quality.

    The major problem for me is its usability as a travel device. If you live and travel in Canada and the US, buy without hesitation, this is the perfect portable pull-up contraption for you. But if you venture overseas (Europe and Asia in particular), you will not find a many doorframes compatible with the Eleviia. Walls outside of North America are usually brick or concrete panel, both of which are too wide. I’ve tried it in eight countries on both continents so far, and I haven’t been able to use it once.

  3. Cameron (verified owner)

    Thanks Jack + Team for making such an exceptional and genius product.

    It works exactly as expected; nothing more to add. This is a COMPLETE game changer for me, I could never get other pull up bars to work on my non standard door frames and they take even less space too.

    Bonus points for being very easy and quick to put up and take down (takes about 10 seconds), which is quite good if you have guests and/or need to close the door.

  4. Sharlene (verified owner)

    Thanks Duonamic for designing this work of art! I spend 6 months researching some type of pull equipment for my small apt and couldn’t find one that wasn’t bulky. I thought I had to settle for the pull up bar until I came across these. The quality is really top notch. My parents (both seniors) came to my apt and immediately said that they would like one for their home as it is useful to alleviate some back problems. Useful for all ages I guess!

  5. Glenn Levy (verified owner)

    The Eleviia pull up handles are the best that I have ever used. The first thing that I noticed is how well they are made. They are very durable and the quality of the craftmanship is outstanding. The first time that I used them I instantly loved them. It is just how they feel when they are in use. I like them way more than door pull up bars. The handles are very comfortable in your hands as well. Thanks for making such a great product.

  6. Alfredo (verified owner)

    Just got these in the mail today, tried them out, and I have no complaints. This is such a solid design and I love that I don’t have to wreck/drill into the door just to do pull-ups. The customer service was outstanding as well!

  7. Justin Wong

    I have a condo with door frames that couldn’t support a traditional pull up system. The doors are small, with fire sprinklers on top of them on one side and vents/low ceiling on the other side. When I FB messaged Duonamic, they helped me ensure the measurements would be ok. These also take up very little space when taken down which is perfect for the condo environment. I’ve really enjoyed the power holds though as they offer much variation to keep things fresh/work all the small in-between muscles. I’ve showed these to a few climbers and they all are jelly. I am waiting for covid to end so they can try. Awesome product.

    I will note there was an issue with one of the power holds but when I reached out, Jack quickly responded and everything is taken care of. Also…No door frame marks/damage (unlike the pull up bar at my parents house).

  8. Al Chu (verified owner)

    I received my set of Eleviia pull-up handles a few days ago, and could not wait to try them firsthand. The set did not disappoint at all, consistent with the positive reviews I read and viewed. I discovered also to my pleasant surprise, the handles were mobile enough to adapt to different grips (prone, supine, parallel), and were thus ergonomically shoulder-friendly. The fact that the handles slope down when held in position mimicked the ergonomics of a bar with the same sloped down handles.
    The only minus I could identify is that because these hooks hang relatively low, a taller or even average height trainee would not be able to find the full range of motion of the stretch in a normal doorway.
    I have tried many, many home pull up bars and handles: the traditional over the door bar models, the bars which hold between the doorway via pressure, and similar pull-up handles as the Eleviia that hook above the door frame.
    The Eleviia is my favorite pull-up handle because of its portability, easy on and off mechanism, sturdy construction, and flexible, ergonomic handles. The height challenge is its only con.
    Overall, I give this set a 4/5.

    Al Chu
    Certified Personal Trainer

  9. Daniel (verified owner)

    These work great. My home gym has double french doors and therefore a traditional pull-up bar was not compatible. These were exactly what I needed! Also the customer service was fantastic. Always quick to respond.

    • jyang

      Thanks for the feedback Daniel! Ryan from MinustheGym also uses Eleviia on a double French door and it just seems like a great idea!

      We are glad we were able to provide a solution for you and we are here to serve our customers.


  10. Tanja

    Top quality product, the materials are tough and strong without damaging the door frame and it is incredibly well put together. An excellent solution to upper body training at home without the need for any permanent attachment to walls. So thankful to have this in lockdown to continue to develop pull up and climbing strength. Thank you for a great product!

  11. Hank T

    Awesome Product, Finally close to reaching my goal of 15 pull-ups in a row!

  12. John (verified owner)

    Nothing feels better than doing a few pull-ups or a L-sits whenever I walk past my Duonamic. Superior quality! Definitely motivates me to stay fit during lockdown

    • jyang

      Thanks for your Feedback John! I also love doing L-Sits mixed in with deadhangs 🙂


  13. Rich

    Even better than I thought they would be! Very solid construction and easy to use. Thank you for the best pull up product on the market!

    • jyang

      We also believe we have the best pull up product on the market! Thanks for your support.


  14. Brandon

    Best home pull-up system on the market! Thanks Duonamic for getting me through quarantine workouts!

    • jyang

      Brandon, Loving the weighted Pull ups man! Keep up the good work.


  15. Will Gadd

    This is a really great system. Goes up super fast, strong, non-marking, durable. Are the Powrholds still a product or are they gone? Perfect for travelling climbers, or times like now when we’re all hanging out at home. My kids like them too!

    • jyang

      Thanks Will! We are so glad you and your kids are enjoying Eleviia and PowrHold 🙂 Yes I bring Eleviia on my business trips and they are perfect for getting a quick workout in before and end of the day.

      PowrHold will be released soon… just doing the final modifications on the webpage.


  16. Selena Laniel

    I love these! Super easy and convenient to take on the road with you when you have a busy lifestyle and move around a lot. You don’t have to worry about them causing damage to the door frame or anything. A must have for sure!

  17. Zached! CPA Ninja

    This are AMAZING! They are convenient, they don’t ruin my molding, and they help me never skip a workout. Absolute must have for anyone who enjoys fitness and for those who want to make fitness a part of their routine

    • jyang

      CPA Ninja, Yes we molded a soft non-marking plastic over the hard plastic to ensure the molding doesn’t get damage 🙂 Because we know how much it costs to repair and repaint….


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